Bibo's NY Pizza: A Slice of Heaven

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Amy and I had been hearing a lot of amazing things about Bibo's for the last year or so and finally decided to give it a try. If you're looking for a pizza made with organic ingredients on a gluten-free crust, baked in a zillion-dollar wood fired oven and served with a fine glass of Pinot Noir, do not go to this place. You will be disappointed and furthermore, they will probably laugh at you. If what you're looking for however, is some delicious thin-crust pizza, then pay Bibo's a visit. Now, try as you might, you will not lure me into any sort of verbal sparring or holy war when it comes to the debate about New York Pizza vs. Chicago-Style Pizza and whether or not California Pizza even belongs in the conversation. I won't do it. I haven't had the pizza in Chicago or New York, so I can only tell you whether I found this to be tasty and, well, yes it was incredibly tasty.

Pivo Hoppy Pils by Firestone

We decided to take the kids with us for an early dinner, and found Bibo's to be clean, well-lit, with a very friendly staff, but not meant for large groups. Of course, when you show up for dinner before 5pm, you won't have trouble getting a table for 4. We all shared a half & half of regular cheese pizza and another half of a specialty pizza called 'Slice of Heaven'. The toppings on this pie were comprised simply of Bacon, Roasted Tomatoes and Basil. This pizza was sinfully good. We felt like we needed to hop onto the treadmill directly after our meal, but it was worth it. The crust was thin and crispy, with a little bit of chew to it. The toppings were rich and flavorful, but as I would expect, they don't overload the pizza with cheese. Even though I've never had any of the pizza in New York, this is what I imagine it would taste like. The slices are big, and once you remember that it's easier to fold it in half like a taco, all you need to do is grab your favorite beverage and enjoy! And about those beverages: Bibo's has a few nice beers to go with your pie. Maybe I've been to too many Round Tables, or maybe the standards for beer in pizza joints have been raised, but both Amy and I really enjoyed the draft beer with our pizza. Amy got a belgian white called 'White Rascal' from Avery Brewing and I got a Hoppy Pils by Firestone. Both beers were excellent, served in no-frills mason jars and reasonably priced. What more could you ask?

Slice of Heaven & Some Cheese
Slice of Slice of Heaven

Bibo's was everything I hoped it would be. A clean and friendly place where you can enjoy a great thin-crust pizza, made by those that care about the details with some nice beers to go with it. Just Awesome! We will certainly be back, and if you haven't been yet, you'll want to go soon and … you're welcome.

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  1. You can thank Joshua Santos from The San Jose Blog for bringing me here. Great job on the posts, though I may be a little biased being a Willow Glen resident as well. These are some of the other places I like in our area.

    Blue Rock BBQ
    Moveable Feast Fridays at the Curtner Light Rail
    Dry Creek Grill
    Pho Wagon

    1. Glad you made it over Alexander. I'm definitely into Moveable Feast, and I've been to Blue Rock as well. Have not tried Dry Creek Grill, but I hear very good things about the drinks at that spot. :)

  2. Welcome to the San Jose blogosphere. You can thank Josh for sending me here too. I'm glad someone's finally joining me in covering the South Bay.


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